What is the Role of agents in artificial intelligence ? Briefly discuss properties of agents.

QuestionsWhat is the Role of agents in artificial intelligence ? Briefly discuss properties of agents.
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Agents in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is defined as study of rational agents. A rational agent could be anything which makes decisions, like a person, firm, machine, or software. It carries out an action with the best outcome after considering past and current percepts(agent’s perceptual inputs at a given instance).
An AI system is composed of an agent and its environment. The agents act in their environment. The environment may contain other agents. An agent is anything that can be viewed as :

  • perceiving its environment through sensors and
  • acting upon that environment through actuators

Note : Every agent can perceive its own actions (but not always the effects)

To understand the structure of Intelligent Agents, we should be familiar with Architectureand Agent Program. Architecture is the machinery that the agent executes on. It is a device with sensors and actuators, for example : a robotic car, a camera, a PC. Agent program is an implementation of an agent function. An agent function is a map from the percept sequence(history of all that an agent has perceived till date) to an action.

Agent = Architecture Agent Program

Examples of Agent:-
A software agent has Keystrokes, file contents, received network packages which act as sensors and displays on the screen, files, sent network packets acting as actuators.
A Human agent has eyes, ears, and other organs which act as sensors and hands, legs, mouth, and other body parts acting as actuators.
A Robotic agent has Cameras and infrared range finders which act as sensors and various motors acting as actuators.